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Check Railway PNR Status
Check Railway PNR Status

Check Railway PNR Status - Supreme Aid for Journey



The PNR number, elaborated as ‘Passenger Name Record’, is a ten-digit number and is printed on every train ticket produced. It is a number that enables every passenger to know his/her train status. If the ticket booked is confirmed, you can check railway PNR status to get the important details of  the seat number, class of accommodation  and coach allotted of the train and if the ticket is unconfirmed, then to know whether it is confirmed with time or is advanced in the waiting list. 


India is a hub of tourists and railways contribute to some of the most wonderful and treasured journeys in the world. Commuters who like to acknowledge Indian culture, art and lifestyle, along with enjoying the serene beauty of the locale regions look up for a rail journey. They also cherish the comfortable and inexpensive mode of voyage that is spread to remote corners of the country. However, for ensuring a glitch-free journey, one has to book and confirm the train tickets and check railway PNR status to know the prospects of the travel. 


The enquiry about the PNR status can easily be made online or in person. One can visit the railway station, or can avail the online services for the same. With the advanced technology, one can enquire about PNR number from anyplace and at anytime. The procedure requires logging in the website and entering the ten-digit of the PNR number. This provides the complete status of the ticket. Then again, one can also obtain the status through a cell phone by sending a SMS of the PNR number to 139 or giving a call at 139.